Loss Prevention Committee

  • Want to be in a room with LSPs, environmental attorneys, risk assessors and other allied practitioners to learn what they think and say about topics of interest to the practice?  
  • Do you have lessons learned about contracting, business practices and technical practice issues you would like to share with the membership?
  • Want to be able to see all of MassDEP’s Notices of Audit Findings to gauge where your practice is and how you might improve it? 
  • Are you curious about issues related to LSP Board complaints?

You need to be part of this committee.

The LSPA’s Loss Prevention Committee is dedicated to promoting increased awareness among the LSPA membership of how to manage risk, and identifying practice areas that might benefit from applying proactive risk management procedures.  The standards of practice studied by the Committee fall into four categories:  Technical Practice, Business Practice, Legal Strategies, and Insurance.  The Committee develops and offers risk management tools to the LSPA membership based on the review and compilation of:

  • Lessons learned from MCP submittals,
  • MassDEP audit findings,
  • Meetings and discussions with MassDEP staff, and
  • LSP Board actions on complaints and licensing matters.

These Risk Management tools are offered via newsletter articles, LSPA Membership presentations, compliance tips, links to MassDEP Audit Forms and Checklists, and other correspondence. 

The monthly meeting schedule for the Loss Prevention Committee is listed below.  For more information, contact the committee chair.

Committee Chair:

Lawrence McTiernan
Roux Associates, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 781-569-4045

Recent Newsletter Articles:

2021 - Accessible to LSPA Members Only
November: Review of Vapor Intrusion Notice of Audit Findings, FY 2019 - FY 2020
November: Review of FY 2020 NOAFs Related to NAPL
October: Review of FY 2019 NOAFs Pertaining to NAPL
October: Use of AULs where NAPL with Micro-scale Mobility Remains - Initial Review of Practice
October: Findings from Review of FY 2019 NOAFs Related to Risk Characterization and a Brief Summary of the FY2020 Risk-Related NOAFs
September: Lessons Learned from MNA-Related NOAF Reviews
September: Overview of NOAFs Citing Response Action Performance Standard (RAPS)
September: Lessons Learned from Nature and Extent-Related NOAFs
September: Findings From Historic Fill NOAFs
September: Review of NOAFs Related to Downgradient Property Status (DPS)
August: Overview of FY2020 NOAFS Citing Response Action Performance Standard (RAPS)
May: Lessons Learned from FY'19 Nature & Extent-Related NONs
May: Review of MassDEP's NOAFs Related to Historic Fill and to Downgradient Property Status
February: Overview of FY2019 NOAFs Citing Response Action Performance Standard (RAPS)

2020 - Accessible to All Readers  
August:  Review of 2018 Vapor Intrusion Enforcement Notices
August: Findings from 2018 NOAFs on Nature & Extent
August: Lessons from Review of 2017 AULs 
August: Take-Aways from 2018 NOAFs on DPS 
August: More on AULs - 2018 NOAF Review  
July: Temporary Solutions: 2018-2019 NOAFs and Draft MCP Amendments
July: Review of FY18 NOAFs for LNAPL
July; Lessons Learned from MNA- and ROS-related NOAFs
July: Findings From FY18 Risk Characterization NOAFs 

Click here for more Loss Prevention Committee articles from previous years, accessible to all readers.

The Loss Prevention’s Committee’s FY ‘22 meeting schedule
Wednesday, May 4, 2022
8:00am - 10:00am

via Zoom
Please contact Committee Chair for login information

Wednesday, June 1, 2022
8:00am - 10:00am

via Zoom
Please contact Committee Chair for login information

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
8:00am - 10:00am

via Zoom
Please contact Committee Chair for login information