Loss Prevention Committee

Additional Newsletter Articles

March: Practice Tips from DEP Audit Chiefs
March: Vapor Intrusion NOAFs: Lessons Learned
March: Risk Characterization NOAFs: More Lessons

October: Overview of Temporary Solution Requirements and FY17 TS Enforcement Notices
October: Filing A DPS Opinion?
October: FY17 NOAFs: Nature and Extent, LNAPL, NONs to LSPs, and Historic Fill
March: NOAFs and Enforcement at Vapor Intrusion Sites
March: What the LSPA Learned From MassDEP Regional Audit and Enforcement Chiefs
March: New Property Owners Must File DPS Documents to Keep Status

August: A Review of FY2016 Temporary Solution Audits and Enforcement Actions 
August: Review of 2016 NOAFs Involving the Response Action Performance Standard, Historic Fill, and Nature & Extent
August: Four Risk Characterization Issues and a Practice Tip from Fiscal Year 2016 NOAF Review 
March: Building Code and Zoning Compliance Under Chapter 21E 

December: Did You Update Your SHE?
December: Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Impact LSPs 

December: LSPA's Loss Prevention Committee Meets with MassDEP Audit and Enforcement Chiefs 
December: Why Do We Do What We Do? Understanding Why MassDEP NOAFs Continue to Identify Noncompliance Associated with Determining Nature and Extent 
December: Learning from Risk Characterization Mistakes: Fiscal Year 2015 NOAF Review
June: Monitoring Risk From Dust at MCP Sites
June: Really Searching MassDEP Databases
June: FY15 NOAFs Involving Vapor Intrusion

February: Review of FY 2015 NOAFs Involving Nature and Extent Issues 
February: Learning from AUL Mistakes: FY 2015 NOAF Review
January: Considerations for Appending Limitations and Conditions to Waste Site Cleanup Opinions
January: Getting Entangled in Local Rules - A Member Survey
January: The Loss Prevention Committee's Look at the MassDEP Audit Process

June: Why I Joined the Loss Prevention Committee - Wesley Stimpson
March: Why I Joined the Loss Prevention Committee - Allen Wyman 
January: Why I Joined the Loss Prevention Committee - Jane Parkin Kullmann

November: Lessons Learned from 2013 Audits of Remedial Systems
November: Local Regulation of Moderately Contaminated Soils
November: Summary of Observations of FY 13 NOAFs Addressing Vapor Intrusion
August: Highlights from FY '13 Notice of Audit Findings - Nature and Extent 
June: Who's Paying for This Cleanup? Insurance at CERCLA and 21E Sites
June: Summary of FY 2013 NOAFs Concerning Downgradient Property Status Submissions
May: Have You Checked the Condition of Your Monitoring Wells?
May: Observations on FY 2013 NOAFs Addressing LNAPL
March: What is Loss Prevention?
January: Lessons from the FY 2011 NOAFs
January: The LSPA Loss Prevention Committee's Review of FY '13 Notice of Audit Findings - Risk Assessment

June: Considerations for Site Management: LSP Practice in Uncertain Times
December: Top Takeaways from the FY2012 NOAF Review