Do You Have Air Monitoring Data From Asbestos Sites?

There is an LSPA WES Professional Practice Grant effort underway to collect and analyze available air data (collected both from perimeter stations and from personal monitors, as available) from a variety of asbestos impacted sites.

The LSPA is reaching out on behalf of the Haley & Aldrich research team to solicit additional air monitoring data from asbestos sites. So far, all the data they have is from NERO sites. Ideally, they would like to add two projects each from SERO, WERO, CERO. It would be most helpful if the projects also tested soil for percent asbestos (as opposed to identifying presence of asbestos solely through visual inspection). 

If you have a site with data you can share, please respond to [email protected] with any questions or the following information:

  1. Site name, address, RTN
  2. Type of air sampling data available (perimeter or personal monitoring)
  3. Approximate count of samples available
  4. Brief description of the nature of the release of asbestos to soil

Project findings will be reported to the LSPA membership when the analysis is complete.

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