LSPA Introduces Compliance Tip of the Month for December 2023

The following LSPA compliance tip was introduced at the December 2023 Membership Meeting, which was held remotely on December 12, 2023 via Zoom.  

Compliance Tip of the Month

The 2024 MCP emphasizes the need to justify the sampling approach (judgmental or systematic) and sample collection methods for soil and sediment to support that the risk characterization conservatively estimates exposures to OHM in soil and sediment at each Exposure Point. 310 CMR 40.0903 requires a description of the spatial distribution of the OHM within the Exposure Point and a discussion of the concentration variability.

See Sampling Approach for Risk Characterization at 310 CMR 40.0904(4) (soil) and  310 CMR 40.0904(5) (sediment).

Click here to view all published compliance and practice tips. This document is also posted in the Members Only section of the website under Technical Resources.

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