April Compliance Tip of the Month

April 6, 2017
The LSPA presented the following monthly compliance tip at the April Membership Meeting at Bridgewater State University on April 6, 2017. 

How does one apply Reportable Concentrations and Method 1 Standards when they are equal to the site Oil and Hazardous Materials (OHM) concentrations?

If the concentration of OHM is equal to the Reportable Concentration it is deemed a reportable condition. (310 CMR 40.0360(1): "A release indicated by the measurement of oil and/or hazardous material in soil and/or groundwater requires notification to the Department ..... if the measured concentration of one or more listed substances in 310 CMR 40.1600 in any soil or groundwater sample is equal to or greater than the media and category-specific Reportable Concentration value....")

If the concentration of OHM is equal to the Method 1 Standard it is considered to represent a condition of no significant risk. (310 CMR 40.0973(7): A condition of no significant risk of harm to health, public welfare and the environment exists if no Exposure Point Concentration is greater than the applicable MCP Method 1 Soil or Groundwater Standard.") 

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