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LSPA 24th Annual Dinner Meeting

The LSP Association’s Board of Directors hosted over 300 attendees at this year’s LSPA Annual Dinner at the Lowell Inn & Conference Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. It was a wonderful night and great to see so many LSPA members, clients, and friends. The LSPA received impressive sponsorship support, presented a thought-provoking speaker, and the LSP Association Scholarship Fund was the recipient of generous donations through its silent auction.

Click here to see the photograph album from the evening. Special thanks to Elliot Steinberg, LSP and photographer from Haley & Aldrich.   

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Glacial Geology of Northward Flowing Watersheds

The LSPA could not have asked for better weather for our early November field course, Glacial Geology of Northward Flowing Watersheds, taught by Brian Yellen. The Nashua, Assabet, and Sudbury watersheds all drain north, resulting in unusual glacial landforms and stratigraphy in the Harvard, Massachusetts area. The 8-hour course format was a bus tour with short walks to view a variety of glacial landforms, and participants also enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant.  

Photo Credit: Michele Paul, LSPA Board of Directors and Education Committee

LSPA Members Appointed to LSP Board of Registration

LSPA Members Fill Two Vacancies at LSP Board of Registration

Congratulations to long-time LSPA members, Gregg McBride and Marc Richards, for their recent appointments to the LSP Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals (aka The LSP Board). Gregg McBride fills the LSP in manufacturing seat and Marc Richards was appointed to the LSP at large seat. Please see below for more information on our new Board members!

With these two new appointments, one vacant seat remains on the 11 member Board of Registration. Three Board members must be members of "statewide organizations that promote the protection of the environment" at the time of appointments and who are knowledgeable with respect to issues involving responding to releases of oil and hazardous materials." One of these environmental seats is vacant and has been for over three years. 

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Please Join the LSPA on October 16th in Amherst, MA

LSPA Members, Clients, and Friends: 
Are you attending the 33rd Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy in Amherst next week? Are you an LSPA member in Western Massachusetts? Please join us for an informal gathering at The Hangar Pub.  
Date: Monday, October 16, 2016
Time: 7:30 pm +
Where: The Hangar Pub, 10 University Dr, Amherst, MA 01002
The Hangar Pub is just a short drive from the UMass Amherst Campus Center where the conference is being held. The pub serves dinner and drinks (and has a corn hole game room). The LSPA will provide munchies and appetizers. 
When you arrive, please keep an eye out for the following LSPA members to find our  group
  • Marilyn Wade, Brown and Caldwell, LSPA President 
  • Kevin Beaulieu, Common Sense Environmental, LSPA Past President
  • Lauren Konetzny, CDW Consultants, LSPA Board member
  • Isaac Anderson, Cooperstown Environmental, Past LSPA Committee Chair  
Enjoy the conference and we hope to see you Monday night.

21J Fund Override was Approved!

Last week, the Massachusetts State Senate was able to finish its list of budget veto overrides. We are happy to report that the 21J Fund line item was approved!

This Senate override, along with the earlier override by the House of Representatives, added $3 million to the perpetually under-funded 21J Fund for underground storage tank remediation reimbursements. This brings the total FY '18 21J funding to $5.5 million. While this amount will still leave the 21J Fund lacking, it is closer to meetings its backlog of claims with this $5.5 million.
The LSPA thanks you for your action on this legislation. We greatly appreciate all of you who reached out to your State Senators. You made an impact!

Are You Interested in Taking Part in an LSP Exam Study Group?

The LSPA is committed to supporting professionals who are preparing to take the LSP exam. The LSPA Board and committees have been discussing the value of informal study groups for LSPA members who are interested in this type of exam preparation. 
If you are planning to take the LSP exam in the next few years and are interested in participating in an exam study/review group, please email the LSPA at [email protected] by October 13, 2017.
The LSPA is committed to putting you in touch with others who are looking for the same support. Once connected, it will be up to the interested parties to organize as they see fit. If there is interest in continuing, the LSPA will see how it can help further develop the opportunity. 
According to the website of the LSP Board of Registration, the LSP Licensing Examination will be offered to all eligible applicants on November 29, 2017 and December 6, 2017.  
Please note: The LSPA will compile a list of interested participants and then share that list, with email addresses included, with all who responded.  
Why Study Groups Are A Good Complement To Self-Study:
  • Through their cooperative nature, study groups promote critical thinking and creativity as people address new questions and explanations with discussions and debates.
  • Due to their interactive nature, there is greater chance that your weak points will jump out.
  • Other people may pay more attention to your weaker topics, so you can all fill in each others' knowledge gaps.
  • The temptation to procrastinate is much greater when you study alone than in an interactive environment.
  • It's way more fun to snack with other people!

LSPA Legislative Updates - October 2017

The LSPA is preparing to testify on S. 534, an act relative to the remediation of home heating oil releases. Senate Bill #534 was authored by the LSPA to enhance the current law by requiring coverage be provided to homeowners and raising coverage limits to keep pace with rising remediation costs. This bill will be heard by the Joint Committee on Financial Services in mid-October.

And now, we are asking for your help! Here are a few ways that you can support S. 534:

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September Compliance Tip

The LSPA presented the following compliance tip at the September Membership Meeting at Marriott Newton Hotel in Newton, MA on September 26, 2017. 

When a property with a Notice of Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) has been sold, the Responsible Party must submit to MassDEP a Form BWSC 113 with a copy of the recorded deed conveying the record title.  Remember it is essential that subsequent property owners be given notice of the AUL.

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Vacancy on LSP Board of Registration: LSPA Seeks Interested Candidates

There is currently a vacant seat on the 11 member Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals (aka The LSP Board). The LSPA is soliciting interest from qualified professionals to serve on the LSP Board. 
Why is the LSPA involved with helping to identify possible Board candidates?
LSPs are the key constituents of the LSP Board, and the LSPA is the professional association for LSPs, so it is only logical that the LSPA would have an interest in identifying qualified candidates for the LSP Board. 
The LSPA is very invested in maintaining the LSP Board as a credible, responsive, and fully functioning entity in this privatized program, with all 11 seats filled. The success of the program depends on it.  
What seat is vacant?

Three Board members must be members of "statewide organizations that promote the protection of the environment at the time of appointments and who are knowledgeable with respect to issues involving responding to releases of oil and hazardous materials." One of these environmental seats is vacant and has been for over three years.

What are the expectations for a Board member?
At present, LSP Board meetings are held nearly every month, usually at one of the MassDEP regional offices, including Boston. At meetings, Board members review and vote on applications for course credits and license applications, and oversee investigations of complaints lodged against LSPs who may have violated the LSP Rules of Professional Conduct set forth in 309 CMR 4.00.
The term of service is four years. Besides attending meetings of the full Board, Board members are expected to participate on Application Review Panels (reviewing applications for licensure) and Complaint Review Teams (investigating complaints against LSPs).  Service on the Board is without compensation.
Click here for more information about the current Board. 
Where can I get more information?
If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact Wendy Rundle, LSPA Executive Director at [email protected] or 617-484-4027. 

2017 Soils Conference

The LSP Association (LSPA) is proud to support the 33rd Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy as an event sponsor. As part of this sponsorship, all LSPA members are eligible to receive a discounted registration fee! Please remember to check "Presenters*, Sponsors/Supporters, and Academics" to receive the discount. Rates for LSPA members are listed below. These rates are valid until September 29. Registrations received after September 29 will be charged a late fee. 

  • Full Three Days: $295 (Savings of $255)
  • One Day: $150 (Savings of $75)

Are you attending the conference or are you an LSPA member in the Western Massachusetts area? Please consider meeting up for an informal gathering at The Hangar Pub. Details are below. 

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LSPA Membership Meeting Dates Announced for 2017-2018

Mark your calendars! The LSPA Membership Meeting dates and locations for 2017-2018 have been set. The LSP Association's membership meetings take place monthly from September through June in the Greater Boston area. Click here to view the schedule for the upcoming year.
If there is a meeting topic that you would like to see presented at an LSPA Membership Meeting, please contact Charles Young or Steve Beek, co-chairs of the LSPA Member Services & Program Committee.
LSPA committee meeting dates have also been finalized for the upcoming year. If you are interested in getting involved, now is the perfect time to connect with the committee chair or sit in on an upcoming meeting. With eight LSPA Committees, there is something for everyone. We welcome your interest and support- at any level! Click here to learn more.    
If you are interested in becoming a meeting sponsor or supporter, please visit the LSPA website for additional information or call 617.799.4304. Our meetings typically draw about 100 people and are a great place to showcase your company's services. 

LSPA 2017-2018 Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available!

The LSPA invites you to support our association through the following sponsorship opportunities. Each package offers a different way for your company to highlight its commitment and support for the LSP practice through the activities of the LSPA, while generating good will and increased visibility within the environmental community. Click here to view the email announcing 2017-2018 sponsorships.

Corporate Sponsorship:
The Corporate Sponsor Program offers three levels of sponsorship. Benefits are summarized here
If you are a past sponsor, we hope that you continue your support of the LSPA. If you have not been a sponsor in the past, we encourage you to consider the benefits of collaborating with the LSPA. We look forward to your company's support in the busy and exciting year ahead. Click here to learn more or sign up today!

Membership Meeting Sponsors:
The LSPA holds eight meetings in Eastern Massachusetts and four meetings in Western Massachusetts from September to June (view meeting schedule).
These meetings are excellent networking opportunities for vendors such as remediation firms, labs, drillers, attorneys, and others. If you are interested in becoming a meeting sponsor, please review the meeting sponsorship opportunities hereBecome a Meeting Sponsor Now.

Annual Dinner Sponsors:
Register Now to support LSPA's upcoming Annual Dinner on Thursday, October 26, 2017.  
  • Dinner Sponsor: $700 (Includes: eight dinner tickets, recognition on dinner signage and all dinner communications)
  • Dinner Supporter: $375 (Includes: four tickets, recognition on dinner signage and all dinner communications)
If you are interested in more information about the benefits of sponsorship, please contact Wendy Rundle, LSPA Executive Director or call 617-977-4304. We welcome your interest.

LSPA Awards WES Professional Practice Grant

The LSPA is pleased to announce that a $2,100 WES Professional Practice Grant (WES Grant) has been awarded to a team who will conduct an "Evaluation of Elevated Background Concentrations of Lead in Urban Fill in the City of Boston, Massachusetts."  

This proposal was submitted by Mike Penzo, LSPA Past President, who will lead the project team, and Daniel Difrancesco, an undergraduate student at Bridgewater State University (BSU) and member of the BSU Student Chapter of the LSP Association, who will receive the WES Grant funds as a stipend for his research.
We look forward to learning more about their findings at a future LSPA membership meeting and in a subsequent newsletter article. Congratulations to Daniel and Mike!
How to Apply for a WES Grant
The WES Professional Practice Grant was established in honor of Wesley Simpson's longtime dedication and service to the LSPA. The purpose of the grant program is to advance the practice of rendering LSP Opinions and the professionalism of LSPs. 
Do you have an idea that you are interested in developing over the next six months or so that will produce a product contributing to the advancement of the state of the practice for the rendering LSP Opinions?
Do you want a little financial support to assist in assembling something that demonstrates the professionalism of LSPs participating in the MCP program?
The LSP Association is pleased to announce that up to $5,000 could be available to help complete your goal. Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis for the WES Grant. Program application information can be found on the LSPA website or by clicking here.
Here are some examples of topics discussed at various LSPA meetings that could benefit from more effort than is currently available at the LSPA board and committee level:
  • Update the LSPA's data base on the outcome of work completed in response to NOAFs by compiling data filed via BWSC Form 111.
  • Study and advise the LSPA on a scientific issue ("white paper") or a technical topic, for example coal ash, imminent hazard definition, telemetry.
  • Document the final resolution of waste disposal sites that were removed from the MCP process by filing a Downgradient Property Opinion.
  • Document the lines of evidence LSPs use to support the presence of Historic Fill and the removal of associated contamination from the risk characterization process.
All grant applications are evaluated by a three member WES Grant Review Committee. The committee then provides a recommendation to the LSPA Board of Directors, which votes on the awards.
Don't let those great ideas slip away - start the grant process by clicking here!
Please call 617.977.4304 or email [email protected] with any questions. 

August 2017 Newsletter

LSPA's August 2017 Member Newsletter has been published! Table of Contents is listed below. Please log in to your account and visit Member Materials to view the full newsletter.

In this Issue....

Remediation General Permit Presentation

The instructors from the June 2017 LSPA Course, “Meeting the Requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Remediation General Permit”, have updated the presentation slides because the regulations were still being revised around the same time the RGP was being issuedThe presentation has been posted for your information.  It can be found in the Member Materials section of the LSPA website, under Technical Resources. More details can be found on the EPA website:

MassDEP Launches Online Permitting

Phase I of The Energy and Environmental Information and Public Access System (EIPAS) is now LIVE!

MassDEP Commissioner Suuberg is pleased to announce that the first phase of the Energy and Environmental Information and Public Access System (EIPAS) has been released. With this release, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) has implemented online permitting for MassDEP permits in the Toxic Use Reduction, Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Drinking Water and Air Quality Programs. There are plans for additional permits to go online in 2018. Two data portals have also been released: 
  • One data portal will enable online submission of public comments on applicable permit applications
  • The second data portal will allow for searching of MassDEP permit, inspection, facility and enforcement data. 

Additional data will be exposed in the data portal in 2018. 

Click here to read the official press release and to explore the data portals.

Compliance Tip for August 2017

August 2, 2017
The LSPA presents the following monthly compliance tip for August 2017:

Exposure Point Concentrations (EPCs)
As you develop your EPCs for a site, remember to evaluate your data to see if there are hotspots present in any of your media. A hotspot is a location which has a Contaminant of Concern concentration > 100x higher than surrounding locations. Hotspots are considered distinct EPCs and must be separately evaluated in the risk characterization. Typically, at least five sampling points are necessary to have insight into the variability of a data set.

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LSPA Scholarship Fund Raises Over $15,000 for Educational Scholarships

The LSPA Scholarship Fund hosted its fourth annual golf tournament on June 14, 2017 at the Highfields Golf Course in Grafton, MA. We had a record of 132 golfers and everyone had a great time! Here is a link to the event photo album – please download and share your favorite images. All photography credits go to Thomas Barrasso.

This year’s tournament filled up quickly and we had to close registration several weeks before the event. Please be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s tournament so you don’t miss out! It will be held on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at the Highfields Golf Course in Grafton, MA.

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LSPA Scholarship Fund Names 2017-2018 Recipients

At the LSPA June Membership Meeting, four educational scholarships were presented by Bill Betters, President of the LSPA Scholarship Fund. The LSPA Scholarship Fund supports individuals pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in environmental fields in Massachusetts and other New England states. Since 2003, the LSPA Scholarship Fund has presented over 39 scholarships totaling more than $160,000.     

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients:

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Upcoming Events with LSPA's Young Professionals Committee

Charles River Watershed Association Invasive Species Cleanup with SAME!
July 26, 2017 at 5:00 PM
Come out and enjoy a fun night with the LSPA Young Professionals and the SAME Boston Post Young MembersWe invite you to participate in the Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) Invasive Species Cleanup on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM. Everyone is welcome! 
From canoes, we will be removing the invasive species of water chestnuts and helping the natural ecosystem of the Charles River. Please dress accordingly, you will likely get dirty and wet: sneakers or water shoes, shorts, tshirts (preferably polyester).

We will meet at Boating in Boston at Newton Historic Boathouse, 2401 Commonwealth Avenue (Rte 30), Newton (Auburndale), MA. Parking is available at the Boating in Boston parking lot at the end of Norumbega Road.
To RSVP, please email Anne MacMillan. There is no cost to participate in this event. 


EBC End of Summer Bash - Co-Hosted by the LSPA Young Professionals Committee
September 19, 2017 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Get out and meet your fellow energy and environmental young professionals at the EBC's End-of-Summer Bash! Enjoy a variety of appetizers (fried mac & cheese bites! bratwurst sliders!) and craft beer at Coppersmith, a converted warehouse in South Boston just a five minute walk from the Red Line. You'll meet professionals from every corner of the sector - water and wastewater, energy, renewable energy, construction and sustainable buildings, environmental engineers and consultants... you name it, they'll be there!
A $25 registration fee includes appetizers and a drink ticket and goes directly toward offsetting the cost of the venue and provisions. Learn more about the event or click here to register.