LSPA Continuing Education Webinar

Method 3 Risk Characterization: An Introduction for LSPs

When: Thursday, June 24, 2021  
Time: 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM EST  
Live Webinar via Zoom
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Cost: Members $200 | Non-members $350
Instructor: Anne Marie C. Desmarais, MSPH, LSP, Tufts University (Instructor Biography)

This course has been approved for 4.0 LSP "non-DEP"/Technical continuing education credits (#1494A) and 4.0 LEP credits (CTLEP-527 W). The course is also being submitted to NYPE for PDH credits. This course is a shorter and more introductory version of the six hours course (#1494) that was previously offered in 2019. However, per 309 CMR (2)(c), if an LSP has taken the 6-hour version of the course for credit, this shorter version can not be used for credit during the same three-year license renewal period or during the following three-year license renewal period. To ensure you receive continuing education credit for your attendance in this webinar, please read the LSPA's guidelines here.


Webinar Description: 

This course will provide LSPs with the fundamentals of Method 3 Risk Characterization under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). This course is intended for LSPs and others who have little or no experience performing Method 3 Risk Characterization. The goals of this course are as follows:

  • Introduce LSPs to the Risk Assessment paradigm
  • Provide a basic understanding of the Risk Characterization process
  • How to use Dose-Response databases and information sources
  • Understand how to assess cancer risks and non-cancer systemic effects risks
  • Develop exposure scenarios based on site-specific conceptual models
  • Calculate exposures for common scenarios involving soil contamination and indoor air
  • Calculate risk and interpret a spreadsheet
  • Use the MCP Risk Assessment Guidance to reinforce what was learned in this brief course.

This course is designed for LSPs who want to do Method 3 Risk Characterization for uncomplicated sites such as most leaking UST sites. It is also intended to help LSPs interpret the results of Method 3 Risk Characterization, particularly LSPs in small practices who have subcontractors do their Method 3’s and who want to ensure that the work is consistent with MCP guidance. The course will provide sufficient background for LSPs to discuss the scope of a Method 3 Risk Characterization with subcontractors and to ensure that proper scenarios have been evaluated.

This course is not intended for LSPs or others who currently do Method 3 Risk Characterization; this will be a basic course that addresses fundamentals and will assume limited experience with Method 3. The course will assume that participants have some experience with Method 1 and understand selection of Contaminants of Concern and calculation of Exposure Point Concentrations.

This course will be given over four hours. It is recommended that participants bring a laptop with Excel available for practicing calculations. 

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