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LSPA Election Results and Board Transitions

The LSPA Board is pleased to announce that three candidates have been elected to the LSPA Board of Directors for three year terms from FY '23 through FY '25:

  • Katherine Dilawari, PE, LSP, Principal, Contaminated Site Management, Haley & Aldrich, Inc. Ms. Dilawari will begin her 3-year term on July 1, 2022. 
  • Timothy Nevins, LSP, CHMM, Senior Principal Scientist, Alliance Environmental Group/An F.W. Webb Company. Mr. Nevins will begin his first 3-year term on July 1, 2022. 
  • Joseph Roman, LSP, Environmental Division Manager, GEI Consultants. Mr. Roman will begin his second 3-year term on July 1, 2022. He will continue to serve as LSPA Treasurer.

Thank you to all who voted.

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LSPA Goes to Polar Park

The LSPA hosted a fun night of socializing and baseball at beautiful Polar Park in Worcester earlier this week.  Perfect weather.  Free drinks and food, raffle prizes, and a private box area made the night even better.  Keep an eye on Jaylin Davis #12 – he had a hot night with two home runs. Box score:  Mud Hens 0, Red Sox 4 (Final Score) on Gameday (

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MassDEP Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program Informational Meeting

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup is holding an online informational meeting about upcoming Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) funding. TAGs are available to community and municipal groups to obtain expert advice and technical assistance and promote community education to enhance public participation in assessment and cleanup activities at oil or hazardous material disposal sites. The informational meeting will include a presentation on the purpose of the TAG program, grant eligibility requirements, and the grant application process and timelines.
The online meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, at 7:00 PM via Zoom. You may access the meeting via MassDEP’s TAG webpage at this link.

For those unable to attend, the meeting will be recorded and posted on MassDEP’s TAG webpage at the link above. MassDEP’s TAG webpage also provides general information about TAGs and TAG eligibility requirements.
MassDEP anticipates that grant awards will be a maximum of $20,000 per applicant, with total potential funding of up to $200,000. The estimated date of availability of the Grant Announcement and Application is July 18, 2022* and the estimated deadline for TAG Applications is October 18, 2022.* (* These are estimated dates and they may change.)
Questions about TAGs and the upcoming informational meeting may be sent to MassDEP at [email protected]

LSPA Requests Nominations for 2022 Contribution to the Practice Awards

The LSP Association requests your nominations for our 2022 "Contribution to the Practice" Awards. If you know of a deserving candidate and wish to nominate the person and/or organization, please complete this form. The deadline for nominations is Friday, August 12, 2022The awards are presented annually in the fall either via live webinar or at the LSPA’s October dinner meeting.
Nominations are solicited in the following categories:
  • The LSPA Member Award is presented to an LSPA Member in recognition of leadership, commitment, and contributions to the LSPA organization and membership over the previous year.
  • The LSPA Service Award is presented to an individual or organization in recognition of service to/support of the LSP Association and its mission; service may be in the form of in-kind services, financial or other support. This award is for service over the previous year.
  • The Contribution to the Practice Award is presented to an individual or organization from the public, non-profit, or private sector for outstanding contributions to the practice and advancing the profession over the previous year. Attributes may include creativity in balancing economic development with environmental values, practical approaches to regulatory compliance, and innovative initiatives in technology and sustainability.
  • The LSPA Environmental Justice Award is presented to an individual or organization from the public, non-profit, or private sector for recent or continuing outstanding contributions in increasing awareness of Environmental Justice (EJ) issues and/or supporting EJ communities. Learn more about Environmental Justice populations here.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual in recognition of distinguished and continued contributions over 25 years or more to the advancement of science, standards, or professionalism in the field of site assessment and remediation under MGL c. 21E. The awardee must:
    • Be an LSP or someone in the supporting professions, and
    • Demonstrate commitment to the LSPA. This might include participation in the LSPA at a leadership level, e.g. founding member, committee chair, Board member or officer; or partnership with the LSPA through leadership level participation in a related organization.
The LSPA Board of Directors will review nominations, including letters of nomination and supporting materials for all nominees, and will contact references, if appropriate. The Board will discuss and then vote on nominees. Awards are made at the sole discretion of the LSPA Board of Directors. Awards are not always made in each category. There may be more than one award presented in any category.
Over the years, these awards have been highly regarded by the recipients as well as LSPA members and colleagues. The goodwill created by this program helps promote a positive image of LSPs and the Massachusetts privatized program.
To view the list of prior award recipients, please click here.

If you know of a deserving candidate and wish to nominate the person and/or organization, please complete this nomination application with the nominee’s name, award category and supporting materials.

LSPA Introduces May 2022 Practice Tip of the Month

The following LSPA compliance tip was presented at the May 2022 Membership Meeting, which was held virtually through the Zoom webinar platform, on May 18, 2022.  

Practice Tip of the Month: 

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“To LSP or Not to LSP" Career Path Considerations in Environmental Consulting

The LSPA's Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) is dedicated to providing educational & social programs for professionals who are new to environmental consulting in Massachusetts. 

In November 2021, the EPC presented, “To LSP or Not to LSP" Career Path Considerations in Environmental Consulting. During the event, a panel of four speakers discuss various career track options in the Environmental Assessment and Remediation Industry, their backgrounds and how they ended up in their current role. This video will help to provide new professionals and college/grad students an idea of the different types of careers they could pursue within the industry.

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LSPA Emerging Professionals Participate in Charles River Cleanup

Members of the LSP Association's Emerging Professionals Committee participated in a cleanup along the Charles River in Waltham on Earth Day, April 23, 2022.  The event was organized by the SAME Boston Post and also included EBC Young Professionals and NEWEA Young Professionals. 

See TV news coverage here.


LSPA Courses Now Offer NY PG (Professional Geologist) Credits

Please note that the LSPA now applies for NY PG (Professional Geologist) credits for all of our appropriate events. When NY PG credit is offered for a course or meeting, there will be a check off option at the bottom of LSPA registration forms. These credits cost an additional $20 per course; the same as our fee for NY PE credits. Please spread the word with your colleagues who may not be LSPA members but require CE credits for their professional geologist license. 

Coming Soon - LSPA Ballot for 2022 Board Election

Voting will open on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 for the 2022-2023 LSPA Board of Directors election. Board positions will take effect July 1, 2022. 
Ballots will be sent by email to all LSPA members, both Full and Associate. We encourage all members to vote.
The LSPA's 9-member Board of Directors is composed of LSPA members who combine experience in environmental work with a passion for supporting and promoting the LSP practice. Current LSPA Board members are shown here.
There are three open seats on the Board for this election; the three year term is from FY '23 through FY '25. Provided below are the candidates on this year's ballot. Please click on each candidate's name to read more about them.
To view all the candidates' statements of interest, please click here
New Board members will be announced at the LSPA monthly membership meeting on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, which will be held from 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM as a live webinar.
Please note that voting will close on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at 5 PM.
If you have questions or comments, please contact Wendy Rundle, LSPA Executive Director at [email protected].

Thank you,
David E. Leone, LSP
LSP Association President

MA Senate Passes LSPA Bill on Insurance for Home Heating Oil Releases

The LSPA is excited to announce that on April 14, 2022, the Massachusetts Senate passed the LSPA’s bill, An Act relative to the remediation of home heating oil releases, with a unanimous vote. Senator Anne Gobi, the bill’s sponsor, spoke in support of the bill prior to the vote. Read the re-numbered bill here. The LSPA made one important edit before the bill was passed; an explanation of the edit is provided here
This is a significant step forward but there is still work to be done. The Senate bill has now been sent to the House Committee on Ways and Means for consideration. The LSPA’s Legislative Committee will be working on moving the bill through the House of Representatives before July 31, 2022. If passed by the House, the bill would go next to the Governor’s desk for his signature before becoming law. We’ll keep you informed on the bill's progress.
Special thanks to Senator Anne Gobi for sponsoring and championing this bill for three legislative sessions, through Financial Services, Ways and Means, and finally, the full Senate. Many thanks as well to Senator Michael Rodrigues, whose leadership and commitment saw this bill through the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. The media stories and support we received were significant in bringing widespread visibility to this issue; the most recent piece was run by WGBH Boston

Massachusetts Legislature Releases PFAS Interagency Task Force Report

The MA Legislature’s PFAS Interagency Task Force held its final meeting and released its eagerly-awaited report on April 20, 2022. 
The purpose of the meeting was to convene voting members of the Task Force to vote on their final report. The report is the culmination of nine public hearings held by the Task Force, which brought together legislators, agency officials, municipal officials, PFAS experts, and other stakeholders to discuss the extent and cost of PFAS contamination in water supplies, health and environmental impacts, sources of contamination, and recommendations for regulating and mitigating PFAS in the Commonwealth.
The report is organized around eight strategies, listed below, with a total of 30 specific recommendations.
  1. Fund PFAS Detection and Remediation
  2. Support Environmental Justice Communities
  3. Phase Out PFAS in Consumer Products
  4. Expand PFAS Regulation
  5. Encourage Private Well PFAS Testing and Remediation
  6. Support Firefighters and Local Fire Departments
  7. Address PFAS Contamination and Accountability
  8. Enhance Public Awareness of PFAS
Following the unanimous vote in support of the report, the PFAS Task Force held a virtual press conference with invited members of the media to present findings and recommendations from the Task Force and to answer questions from those in attendance.
Click here to watch the video recording of the meeting and press conference.   
The LSPA extends many thanks to Jeff Arps, LSP of Tighe & Bond, for his participation on the task force; we so appreciate the time he took to represent LSPs and the practice as an important part of the state's approach to addressing PFAS contamination.
Over the coming weeks, the LSPA will consider how to best organize a formal review of and possible response to this report to the legislature and MassDEP.  We welcome any suggestions you have.

LSPA Scholarship Fund Represents at the Endicott College Sustainability Career Fair

Chuck Myette, LSPA Past President, Brown and Caldwell, attended the Endicott College Sustainability Career Fair on behalf of the LSPA and the LSPA Scholarship Fund. 

Chuck is pictured here with Jack Duggan, Associate Dean, School of Science & Technology, Endicott College. 

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LSPA Introduces April 2022 Compliance Tip

The following LSPA compliance tip was presented at the April 2022 Membership Meeting, which was held virtually through the Zoom webinar platform, on April 14, 2022.  

Compliance Tip of the Month: 
Any time environmental samples are taken at a listed disposal site on behalf of someone other than the owner of the property, the person(s) conducting the response action shall provide the owner of the property with a written notice using BWSC-123 prior to the sampling, or no more than seven days after the sampling if it was conducted as part of an IRA to address a 2-hour notification.

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LSPA Scholarship Annual Golf Tournament: June 8, 2022

Save the Date! 

The LSPA Scholarship Fund will be hosting its annual Scholarship Fund Charity Golf Tournament on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at the Highfields Golf & Country Club in Grafton.
As in previous years, we are looking for sponsors and participants (see details below).
Simply click on the link below.
Although we accept both checks and credit cards, a larger portion of your contribution will go to the Scholarship Fund if you pay by check! Follow the registration links for name and address details.

In light of ongoing concerns about COVID-19, we strongly urge all participants to get fully vaccinated and to follow established COVID-related safety protocols.

About the LSPA Scholarship Fund

The LSP Association Scholarship Fund provides annual educational scholarships for qualified applicants. These scholarships are available to LSP Association members and members of their immediate families enrolled in a degree program at an accredited New England college or university, and/or to qualified Massachusetts residents who are enrolled in a public or private Massachusetts college or university pursuing a major that is consistent with becoming an LSP or Environmental Professional.

The purpose of the scholarship program is to support continued education in environmental fields in the Massachusetts and New England region. While the number and amount of the scholarships vary each year, the annual goal is to provide $3,000 - $5,000 scholarships to qualified individuals.

LSPA Introduces March 2022 Compliance Tip

The following LSPA compliance tip was presented at the March 2022 Membership Meeting, which was held virtually through the Zoom webinar platform, on March 15, 2022.  

Compliance Tip:
An LSP may request an advisory ruling from the LSP Board of Registration for an interpretation of one or more of the LSP Rules of Professional Conduct.  Advisory rulings will be issued at the Board's discretion and only upon written request.  The regulation at 309 CMR 5.00 provides rules for such requests.  

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Environmental, Energy, and Engineering Career Fair, April 11, 2022

The Environmental Business Council (EBC) is sponsoring a job fair; this is a great opportunity to explore careers in the environmental, energy, engineering, and natural resources fields. The Fair features employers from the private, government, and nonprofit sectors with career-level positions and paid internships.

The April 11, 2022 Fair is free to attend and open to all. 
Time: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm EST
Where: John B. Hynes Convention Center, Junior Ballroom, 302

Click here for more information.

Governor Baker Appoints Two LSPA Members to LSP Board of Registration

The Commonwealth’s Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals (the LSP Board) has two new members. The recent appointment by Governor Baker of LSPs Craig Ellis and Paul McKinlay to the Board, filled the two remaining open seats. The 11-member board licenses and regulates the 458 LSPs statewide.  
Millie Garcia-Serrano, LSP Board Chair, welcomed Craig and Paul to their first Board meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.  Beverly Coles-Roby, LSP Board Executive Director, shared each of their bios. The LSPA congratulations Craig and Paul, both LSPA members, on their appointments. 

The enabling legislation for the LSP Board (MGL c. 21A, Sections 19A-19J) establishes the Board as an independent entity, located for administrative purposes within the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Section 19A specifies that the Board should consist of eleven members, each of whom serves a four year term; Board members do not receive compensation from the Commonwealth for their work on the Board. 

The Chair of the Board is the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) or his designee; the designee must be a full-time employee of the Department at all times while chairing the Board. The current designee is Millie Garcia-Serrano, Regional Director, MassDEP Southeast Regional Office.

The other ten members of the Board, all appointed by the Governor, are as follows:  
  • There are five seats on the Board for currently-licensed LSPs
    • David Austin, AECOM
    • Kathleen Campbell, CDW Consultants
    • Craig Ellis, Beta Group
    • Gregg McBride, GZA GeoEnvironmental
    • Paul McKinlay, Weston & Sampson
  • Three Board members must be members of statewide organizations that promote the protection of the environment 
    • Kirk Franklin, Frank Corp.
    • Patrick Herron, Mystic River Watershed Association
    • Debra M. Listernick, O'Reilly Talbot & Okun Associates
  • One Board position is designated for a hydrogeologist
    • Gail Batchelder, HRP Associates, Inc
  • One member of the Board is designated for a member of a labor organization
    • James N. Smith, Department of Neighborhood Development, City of Boston, MA
Read bios of LSP Board members here.

Action Alert: Urge Your State Senator to Support LSPA’s Home Heating Oil Insurance Bill

Earlier this month the LSPA's bill S. 676, which would mandate that insurance companies provide first- and third-party coverage for home heating oil releases, was favorably reported out of the Massachusetts legislature’s Joint Committee on Financial Services. This was great news. The bill is next being considered by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, chaired by Senator Michael Rodrigues.   
It would be a significant achievement if the bill is reported favorably by this committee. The LSPA is asking you to please consider writing to your state senator to urge their support of the bill. The more requests from constituents, the more visibility our bill gets. Regardless of whether or not your state senator is a member the Senate Committee on Ways and Means NOW is the time to get their attention. 
Check here to find your state senator. 
Attached here is a sample email you can send. All senators’ email addresses are on their home page. No need to send paper mail.
If you have experience with a home heating oil release, especially one in which the homeowner did not have insurance or had a tough time getting coverage, please feel free to share this in your letter. Real life examples are most compelling, especially if your client’s property is in the district of one of these senators.  
For more information about the bill, please read the recent Boston Globe editorial supporting the legislation, as well as the LSPA’s letter (written before the bill was passed by the Joint Committee on Financial Services)and fact sheet. In addition, our bill has benefitted from a supporting letter from six state environmental organizations. We encourage you to mention in your letter if you are a member of any of these organizations. 
Please contact our Executive Director Wendy Rundle at [email protected] if you have any questions. 
Thank you for your support; we will keep LSPA members apprised.
LSPA Legislative Committee Co-Chairs
Spence Smith, LSP, Jacobs
Tim Clinton, LSP, Fuss & O’Neill

Boston Globe Endorses LSPA's Legislation

After a flurry of media attention kicked off by this article, the Boston Globe published an editorial on February 26, 2022 in support of the LSPA's bill Senate #676, An Act relative to the remediation of home heating oil releases.  Many thanks to the Globe for pointing out that the bill "would secure the protection Massachusetts homeowners deserve — requiring insurers to provide oil leak coverage."  And the editorial closed with a message for legislators:  "Catastrophic expenses can be, well, catastrophic. And if lawmakers can easily prevent them, they should."  The bill is now being considered by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means.

More News Stories about Local Family Dealing with Fuel Oil Spill

Here are two more news stories about the Wareham family dealing with a fuel oil spill: 

Any homeowner in Massachusetts who has faced this situation, without insurance coverage, knows how challenging it is. Hopefully this media coverage is raising awareness and more homeowners will buy fuel oil insurance riders. We hope that state legislators will also be motivated to pass Senate Bill No. 676, An Act relative to the remediation of home heating oil releases, which would require that all Massachusetts homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for the cleanup of accidental releases of home heating oil. Please contact your state senator and representative to ask for their support.