LSPA Artificial Intelligence Survey Finds Cautious Respondents

The LSPA sent a survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to our 750 members in mid-January 2024. Given the increased discussion about and use of AI, the LSPA was interested to learn to what level our members are involved with AI at work and in their personal lives. 

We received 93 responses (12% - much lower than usual). A summary of what you and your colleagues reported is attached here.

Overall we found that the majority of respondents are not now using AI at work or at home. Many expressed an interest in AI, noted that they are watching as AI develops, and are interested to see what AI can do for them.  But they are also cautious about the limitations and challenges of AI in their waste site cleanup work. 

In summary,

  • 56% of respondents’ firms had not had discussions or made decisions to explore/encourage the use of AI. Those that had were primarily using AI for report writing.
  • 84% of respondents report that their firms are not using AI for consulting or other functions. Those that are using AI are primarily using it for writing.
  • 86% of respondents are not using AI in non-work areas of their lives.
  • For those whose firms have discussed the challenges of using AI in the waste site cleanup practice, here is a sampling of their concerns:
  • Ability to understand and interpret nuance, fundamentals behind principles
  • Accuracy
  • Exposure to proprietary and confidential information
  • Lack of ability to exercise judgement
  • Here is a sampling of ideas about the benefits of using AI in the waste site cleanup practice:
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Efficiency
  • Streamlining data management and analysis
  • There were a handful of respondents who reported their clients/colleagues were using or asking them to use AI for such tasks as understanding large data sets and collecting toxicity information.

A recent survey by Lightbox revealed a somewhat similar set of concerns about the use of AI in Phase I ESAs. Read the article here.

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