MCP 2024 Amendments Impact on Climate Change

In 2020, the LSPA formed a Climate Change Subcommittee (of the Technical Practices Committee) to consider how waste site cleanup practitioners might address anticipated MCP amendments on that topic. In 2022, the subcommittee produced and shared a Climate Change Toolkit. Now, the MCP Amendments are final and it’s time to start using the toolkit! 

The new MCP includes climate change-related language in specific sections on these topics: 

  • The definition of Conceptual Site Model;
  • Response Action Performance Standards (RAPS); and
  • The “Foreseeable Period of Time” for a Permanent Solution.

Click here to read the specific climate change-related MCP revisions.

The LSPA’s Climate Change Toolkit was completed in October 2022 and has been recently updated in advance of the new MCP going into effect on March 1, 2024. The toolkit includes a flowchart, checklist, two case studies, glossary, and list of resources. These tools and referencesare available here. Please use these resources as you consider sites that might be impacted by climate change.

More MCP topics to come.  

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