Action Alert: Ask Your State Senator to Support LSPA's Home Heating Oil Insurance Bill

The LSPA's bill S. 594, which would require insurance companies to provide first- and third-party coverage for home heating oil releases, is now being considered by the Massachusetts Senate Ways & Means Committee.

We are asking for your helpIf your state senator is a member the Senate Ways & Means Committee or a co-sponsor of the bill, NOW is the time to get their attention. Please consider writing to him/her to urge support of the bill. The more requests from constituents, the more visibility our bill gets. The legislature's formal session adjourns July 31, 2020.

Check here to find your state senator.

Attached here is a sample email you can send. All senators' email addresses are on their home page. No need to send paper mail.

If you have experience with a home heating oil release, especially one in which the homeowner did not have insurance or had a tough time getting coverage, please feel free to share this in your letter. Real life examples are most compelling, especially if your client's property is in the district of one of these senators.

For more information about the bill, please read the LSPA's letter and fact sheet, as well as a supporting letter from five state river, wetlands, and watershed protection organizations. We encourage you to mention in your letter if you are a member of any of these organizations.

Please copy our Executive Director, Wendy Rundle, at [email protected] on your email, and contact her if you have any questions. Thank you for your support; we will keep LSPA members apprised.

LSPA Legislative Committee Co-Chairs
Spence Smith, LSP, Jacobs
Tim Clinton, LSP, Fuss & O'Neill


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