WES Grant Applications Now Accepted on Rolling Basis

Do you have an idea that you are interested in developing over the next six months or so that will produce a product contributing to the advancement of the state of the practice for the rendering of LSP Opinions?
Do you want a little financial support to assist in assembling something that demonstrates the professionalism of LSPs participating in the MCP program?
The LSP Association is pleased to announce that up to $5000 could be available to help complete your goal. Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis for The WES Professional Practice Grant Program (WES Grant). Program application information can be found on the LSPA website or by clicking here.

Here are some examples of items discussed at various LSPA meetings that could benefit from more effort than is currently available at the LSPA board and committee level:
  • Update the LSPA's data base on the outcome of work completed in response to NOAFs by compiling data filed via BWSC Form 111.
  • Study and advise the LSPA on a scientific issue ("white paper") or a technical topic, for example coal ash, imminent hazard definition, telemetry.
  • Document the final resolution of waste disposal sites that were removed from the MCP process by filing a Downgradient Property Opinion.
  • Document the lines of evidence LSPs use to support the presence of Historic Fill and the removal of associated contamination from the risk characterization process
All grant applications are evaluated by a three member WES Grant Review Committee. The committee then provides a recommendation to the LSPA Board of Directors, which votes on the awards.

Don't let those great ideas slip away - start the grant process by clicking here!
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