LSP Association Continuing Education Seminar

Building and Presenting Your Case for Risk and Remedy Using the FoREVER Tool

Date: Thursday, November 30, 2023
Time: 4:00 - 7:00 PM (Registration begins at 3:30 PM).  Light dinner is provided.
Location: GZA GeoEnvironmental, 249 Vanderbilt Ave, Norwood, MA 02062

Pricing: $250 Members | $400 Non-Members
Instructor: J. Andrew Irwin, PE, LSP, IRWIN Engineers

This course has been approved for 6.0 LSP Technical continuing education credits (#1468B). This course includes 3 hours of homework and 3 hours classroomThis course was previously offered by the LSPA in February 2020 and November 2016. Depending on your LSP renewal date, if you received credit then, you may be unable to receive credit for taking this course. Refer to 309 CMR 3.09(2)(c).

Course Description: 
The objective of the course is to assist LSPs and other environmental professionals in making LSP Opinions more understandable to both the technical and non-technical reader with regard to risks posed and actions for timely remediation for risk reduction. Attendees will be introduced to the FoREVER Tool so they may learn its benefits. When systematically applied during MCP site response actions, the tool can be used to:

  • Support the development of a strong conceptual site model,
  • Guide the identification of complete data,
  • Delineate site assumptions and, ultimately,
  • Assist the user with communicating conclusions logically and effectively. 
The FoREVER Tool is a series of open-ended questions that lead user to Focus On Receptors, Exposures, Volume Estimation and timing and effectiveness of Remedy (FoREVER) as needed for conducting comprehensive response actions with releases of oil or hazardous materials. The uncertainty or inability to answer questions in the tool will generate insights on data needs and missing information.

Attendees must complete 3 hours of homework to receive full credit for this course. The homework is focused and structured so as to not require more than 3 hours of time. The homework will require attendees to use the FoREVER Tool to assess publicly available, previously submitted MCP Phase reports through an online survey administered by the LSPA. The LSPA is able to track participants’ use of the online survey to identify anyone who has not completed their homework. Attendees that have not completed the homework will not be allowed to participate in the classroom portion of the course. 

During the in-person portion of the course, attendees will discuss their assessments and consider how each report might have been improved if the Tool had been used as a guide throughout the site work and how data needs for the next phases of investigation may be better defined and more comprehensive in scope. The reports to be reviewed for homework and in class are:

  • An Historic Fill site with a Phase I Report and Phase II Scope of Work  
  • Phase Completion Summaries and Public Notification Letters for four different sites  
  • A large chemical spill IRA site with four MCP reports     

To view course agenda and instructor bio, click here.

Please email Kristi Lefebvre with any questions.