Costly Heating Oil Spill Cleanups Devastate Homeowners: Proposed Law Needed

Ryan Kath and the team at NBC10 Boston have put together a news segment that illustrates the serious challenges – financial, emotional, and physical - of home heating oil spills, especially for those whose homeowners insurance policies exclude oil cleanup costs.  As Massachusetts Senator Anne Gobi (D-Spencer) stated, “Everything is wrong with this scenario.”

Many homeowners do not have the financial means to pay for costly cleanups. The backing of homeowners insurance companies is critical to make cleanups financially viable and to assure that home heating oil spills are timely and properly addressed for the protection of the public and the environment.

This is the second part in NBC10’s series. (Click here for first part).  Still to come may be more on the proposed legislation, Senate Bill S.594, that Senator Gobi is sponsoring, which the LSPA wrote, requiring homeowners insurance companies to cover home heating oil spills.  This would level the playing field for costly problems for homeowners who heat with oil, just as coverage for fires and explosions is provided for homeowners using electric, gas, and other energy sources.  That outcome simply is what homeowners expect when purchasing insurance.  

To learn more, check out the facts here

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