LSP Association Continuing Education Seminar

In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)

When: Monday, April 1, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Onsite check-in begins at 7:30 AM.  
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1360 Worcester Street, Natick, MA
Pricing: Member: $200 | Non-member: $350
Instructor: William G. Caldicott, Director of Technical Business Development, In-Situ Oxidation Technolgies, Inc. (ISOTEC)

This course has been approved for 4.0 LSP "non-DEP"/Technical continuing education credits (#1424). This course has also been approved for CT LEP credits (CTLEP-321) and NY PDH credits (20160133). 

This course is being conveniently offered on the same day and at the same venue as "Air and Gas Soil Sampling Collection and Analysis: How to Collect Revelant and Representative Data."  Attend both courses to receive a reduced rate and complimentary lunch. 

Course Description: 

In-situ oxidation techniques have been utilized by the North American environmental industry to remediate organic compounds in subsurface environments for almost 20 years. Fenton’s reagent was adopted initially and with the introduction of additional oxidizers and proprietary chemistries over the intervening years there are now multiple options available. The success or failure of an ISCO remediation project often hinges on a well constructed conceptual site model and, just as importantly, a significant understanding of the treatment capability of each oxidant.

This course is designed to provide LSPs with an in-depth understanding of each oxidant’s strengths and limitations and will cover topics including; investigation parameters, reasonable treatment goals, strengths and weaknesses of each reagent, COC phase and oxidant selection, treatability test selection, methods of delivery, and pilot through fullscale implementation. There will be multiple case histories and a discussion of lessons learned through years of reagent applications.

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